Benefits and Uses of Luminous Battery Myanmar

Luminous Battery
Benefits and Uses of Luminous Battery Myanmar

The innovative silver alloy technology in Luminous Automotive Batteries provides higher power, superior corrosion resistance, longer service life, and a completely hassle-free battery experience. The hassle-free, ready-to-install batteries contain calcium silver alloy, which provides up to 30% higher cranking current and longer service life. The Luminous batteries have a spider web grid structure that ensures the battery's longevity even in the harshest weather and temperature situations

Battery plays a crucial significance in the life of an inverter. The grid-supplied energy is converted into DC power by an inverter, and the DC power is stored by a battery. In the event of a power outage, the inverter pulls energy from the battery and converts it to AC to power all household appliances.

There are three varieties of best inverter batteries that we offer, each with its own plate technology:

  • Tubular Plate Batteries
  • Flat Plate Batteries
  • GEL Batteries
Luminous Tubular Plate Battery Myanmar

A tube-shaped plate consist of positive and negative plates of a lead acid battery have a certain geometric shape. The positive plates of these batteries have tubular parts, whereas the negative plates have flat elements.

In addition to the improved performance of tubular plate technology, advanced high-tech filling methods and equipment have made the best tubular battery for inverter more effective and reliable for manufacturers, allowing the inverter battery pricing to be competitive.

Benefits of Tubular Battery

1. A short tubular battery is substantially smaller than a tall tubular battery, yet it is taller. This inverter battery is easier to store and transport.

2. A tall tubular battery has a greater height than a short tubular battery but a smaller width than a flat plate battery. It has a slightly longer backup period and is recommended for homes with plenty of storage space.

Luminous Flat Plate Battery Myanmar

A flat plate battery is one of the most popular inverter batteries on the internet. For cities with regular power outages, these are the best inverter batteries.

Benefits of a flat plate battery

These batteries are recommended for places with very brief and frequent power outages, as specified. The inverter battery cost is low, which is beneficial for the budget, but they have a shorter life duration than tubular inverter batteries. These batteries charge at a faster pace and take less time to charge. When opposed to tubular batteries, it usually has a shorter warranty period. With a sturdy design, excellent charging acceptance, and low water loss, we have the best in class Luminous Battery Myanmar Inverlast series of flat plate batteries. Tubular batteries are more efficient in some ways, but Luminous flat plate batteries have a longer life span, making them one of the best inverter batteries for the Indian market.

Luminous GEL Battery Myanmar

Lead acid Gel batteries provide a more steady power backup for a longer period of time than regular lead-acid batteries. These contain a unique crisscross gel structure that keeps the acid in place and prevents it from settling. In comparison to a conventional flooded lead acid battery, they also have higher backup power every cycle. GEL batteries, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive than normal flooded lead acid batteries due to the sophisticated components inside.

Benefits of a GEL Batteries
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Suitable for deep cycle discharge
  • Very low to no gassing (unless overcharged)
  • Well-suited for sensitive electronic equipment