About Us



San Taing Kyaw Company Limited commonly known as STK was incorporated & started its journey in Burma (Presently the Republic of the Union of Myanmar) in the Year 2006, exporting commodities to different countries in South Asia. The country has foreseen a future with Quality Life, Education, and better healthcare facilities as Myanmar is now a developing country.

Myanmar, being an agricultural economy and its exports focused on Agri Products, Gemstones & Minerals, has been greatly dependent on many segments from its Neighbouring countries majorly from China, India, Thailand and other SE Asian countries. Local Manufacturing is yet to gain foot and the country has to rely largely on Imports.

With the advent of Quality Lifestyle & Education, Quality consciousness raised within the people. With emerging middle class, job creations have helped the Purchasing power of the people increased over the years.

Myanmar and India, shares a long political and economic relationship since the colonial period which have been getting stronger over the years. Cultural & Religious similarity can be noticed.

STK have partnered with the Top Companies & Brands of India dedicated to serve Myanmar. Being a part of Myanmar’s present growth with creating employment, trainings on world class products and services.

Our Journey


2006 as an exporter of commodities including Dals, Beans etc.


Partnership started in 2013, with Quality Tarpaulin Sheets with Long Life and Value for Money. In a very narrow span of time it gained acceptance. Presently it enjoys a major market share in the category.



Certain parts of the country experience power shortages and some areas are not well distributed by the Grid. These areas were dependent on crude systems of generating or back up electricity. Partnership with Luminous started to give the country quality Power Back Up Systems which include Solar. Luminous present is No. 1 preferred Brand in Myanmar powering up the Homes & Industries in the country.


The Newest advancement in the Tarp segment, ECOPAULIN have the Quality which is World Class with High endurance due to Cross Lamination Technology. This was launched in the Year 2018 and is focussed on providing products for Essential Services, Agri, Logistics & homes.



Being amongst the Top 3 Battery companies in India, STK partnered to bring the best quality Batteries in Automotive Segment in 2018. Within a span of 2 years, the country made it preferred choice along with their transport network.


Exide Industries Limited is the Biggest Manufacturer of Battery in Asia. Range offered by Exide is extensive. Partnership established in 2020 to provide the World Class solutions in Power Back Up, Motive Power, Monoblock, Network Power and Industrial.